stoffe e pellami made in italy by pique

showroom & services

Thanks to the specialized knowledge matured during a presence of more than twenty years into the textile and leather sectors, we developed three main line services principali: 1) companies, national and international 2) to public 3) to architects, designers and decorators.

The showroom is Piqué’s beating heart: living place where products are selected, collections come to life, find out fabrics and hides by looking at colours and drawings, brushing manufactures and letting inspired by the unmistakable fragrance of each material…


private customers

architects and decorators

Piqué di Fraccaroli Chiara | Via G.Verdi, 25I - 37050 Vallese di Oppeano (VR) | Tel +39 045 6984355 • Fax +39 045 698372 | | P.IVA 04507950238